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Small Rooms Decoration with Google Accesories | Home Design Ideas

last night I plan to paint the walls of my room, but I also think to rearrange my room. then I made the designs for the rooms are not too wide for me.

in the concept of interior design in this room brings minimalist home design with brown theme with white domination. I made a bookshelf and a desk tv. do not forget to give me the audio device because I like listening to music and watching movies.

two pairs for my lamps create a romantic impression. because I like to add my google paper ornaments made of cardboard furniture, which reads Google :)

Thanks for visiting, see you next project :)

Simple Book Case | Interior Furniture

This bookcase can be in the set into two forms, namely vertical and horizontal. that will enhance your child’s bedroom. This bookcase can also beautify your home interior if placed appropriately.
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See you on the next project I hope you like it. Thank you for visiting the blog home interior and furniture design my ideas. please leave your comment.

Modern Luxury Concrete Steel House interior Design Ideas

luxury concrete steel house design
luxury concrete steel house design
These luxury house interior design ideas made from concrete and steel to create modern home design ideas designed by Garret Cord Werner LLC.  Contemporary small house designs with comfortable, elegance and minimalist styles present perfect residence living for your family. The home owner liked to stay the shell and entirely refurbish the interior design, rather than split down and start new. The consequence is an improbable but very successful combine of Mediterranean style doorways and tile roof with sleek, muscular modern interiors. The lower level of the house was moreover delighted with the replacement of a light blocking rockery through a water feature that flows down a two story concrete maintaining wall into a pool. Here it is best sample modern concrete and steel home interior design pictures with luxury house decorating styles. [Via]

Passive Solar House Plan by Richard Wittschiebe Hand

Passive Solar House Plan by Richard Wittschiebe Hand
Richard Wittschiebe Hand, an Atlanta-based architecture company built a passive solar house plan. The home was designed by Carol Richard and it is located in Madison, Wisconsin. This home has a nickname known as ‘castle’ and also called as Ross Street House. This home was designed and built by both Carol Richard and her husband [...]

Luxury Interior Design Home by Brooklyn Home Company
Before renovate or remodel a interior home design better way to do or search interior photo gallery which will help us to born an ideas. here is a better sample of interior home design by Brooklyn Home Company. All these interior decorating design ideas designed in luxury style, white color look dominant in designing and [...]

Unique Architecture Temporary Bar by Diogo Aguiar
This is a sample picture and photo of Unique Architecture Temporary Bar located at Parque da Cidade, Porto, Portugal. The proposed bar stands as an iconic cube of light, composed of modular parts. Taking advantage of the IKEA build-by-your-own world, the project is a parallelepiped made out of different depth storage boxes which give it [...]

Modern Architecture Sandwiched Project by INABA
As part of 2010, the Whitney Biennial, Jeffrey Inaba’s firm, INABA, was commissioned to design a pop?up café located in the museum’s interior courtyard. The project consists of three (3) large?scale lanterns that occupy the courtyard’s double?height space, a 24?foot long service counter, communal tables, high?top counters and ‘droopy’ seat cushions.
However bold in form or [...]

Luxury Green Sustainable Cruise for living on the Chobe River
Luxury green sustainable cruise for living on the Chobe River. This luxury cruise living has modern interior architecture look gorgeous and amazing was contained by hot water from solar thermal hot water soaking up the sunshine on the roof and also contained by pool inside cruise. An eco sensibility can be quite delightful, they’ll find. [...]

Hearst Castle – Luxury Property Oprah’s House Interior Design Hawai

Luxury Oprah House Design
Luxury million mansions Oprah house exterior design and lavish modern room interior decorating idea is amazing and can be perfect inspiration for us. Oprah home improvement idea is never dying. She can give us some best tips and trick to make our horrible old house design to become great even luxurious home decor. This beach house located in Hawaii, and named Oprah’s Hearst Castle. The luxury home property covers some forty two acres and the residence itself is 23,000 square feet. It has six modern comfortable bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms and, as you might imagine, just about the whole thing else. A number of the house improvements Oprah has created since purchasing the home in 2001 include the installation of a massive cozy home theater, building a man-made lake with rare fish and having Montecito sandstone bricks hand-laid in the quarter-mile long driveway. Oprah has also put in a closet the size of an ordinary master bedroom, not for her, but for Stedman to keep what must be a large suit collection. Check this out best pictures gallery luxury Oprah residence pictures gallery. -via-

Luxury House with Traditional Interior Design in Hidden Hills

Luxury House with Traditional Interior Design in Hidden HillsLuxury House with Traditional Interior Design in Hidden Hills
Amazing Swimming PoolAmazing Swimming Pool
Luxury Traditional Kitchen DesignLuxury Traditional Kitchen Design
Luxury Traditional Living Room DesignLuxury Traditional Living Room Design
Side ExteriorSide Exterior
Top ViewTop View
Luxury House with Traditional Interior Design and Amazing PoolLuxury House with Traditional Interior Design and Amazing Pool
Located in the area kept private called Hidden Hills, our house is fine example of luxury. The house exterior design focuses around an incredible pool. Besides the pool there are beautiful ponds, plants, columns, waterfalls, fountains and other things that are very beautiful landscape surround and sophisticated. Inside the house is designed in traditional style and features open beam ceilings, walnut / limestone soils and bath designer. Besides there is a gourmet kitchen, steam Shover, oversized family room and other rooms that make life as fresh as possible. Many glass is used in the house to capture the natural light where possible. Besides, the size of the property has basketball, 4 garage, circular motor court, in French gardens of roses and cinema.
Location: Hidden Hills
s p o n s o r e d   l i n k s

Create Lighting In House Interior and Exterior

Luxury House Interior Lighting Planner
Luxury House Interior Lighting Planner
Lighting Function
Lighting in interior design can improve the aesthetic quality of the room. Detail and the interior element will find its beauty can be more specific to the type of lighting. The lighting can create nuance and character of the room as desired. Light effects can also give a broader impression of the room, or give the impression to the soul of its inhabitants. Suppose the blue light are believed to calm the mind. Red light gives an exotic impression. Yellow light gives the impression of luxury and romance.
Furniture objects such as lighting wardrobe better advantage of the real function is to help lighting the interior of the wardrobe. Function and aesthetics can be incorporated at the lighting for a partition or a kitchen set.

Types of Lighting

There are two types of lighting in the interior of natural light coming from the sun and artificial light from lamps. Sunlight was found only in the daytime, and the nature of radiation and its intensity is constant and evenly. We do not regulate the intensity of sunlight, but can reduce it by using the interior elements such as horizontal blinds, vertical blinds or curtains.
Lights used to help lighting at night. But in its development of artificial light does not function only as auxiliary interior lighting, but also as an element of interior design interesting and attractive.

Successful Lighting

The lighting in the interior can be determined according to needs. Each room has different lighting needs. Success in the interior lighting is how we can determine the intensity of light that is in accordance with the desired character of the room occupants. Guest room usually requires enough light intensity. For the bedroom light intensity can be regulated more dynamic and not constant. In addition to light intensity, light color can be measured by success in the lighting. red, green, yellow, blue, etc. can give a certain character in the interior. Last is how we arrange the placement of the light source itself. Less precise placement of lights, will reduce the beauty in interior design.

Luxury Interior Design of The Aquarius Townhouse in North Vancouver-British Columbia, Canada

This Magnificent Canadian Townhouse was Customized & finished to a standard rarely available. The Open floor plan maximizes the 360 views of the stunning False Creek city in the North Vancouver-British Columbia, Canada. Wonderful Interior Designing features a Grand entertaining with the 25’ high LR & spacious DR. Downsview kitchen with every convenience extra, separate 1200 Bottle Wine Cellar. Zen Master Bedroom suite complete with dressing room & Impressive master ensuite. Guest suite, panic room, private outdoor decks was completely furnished. This is a true indoor-outdoor lifestyle and a unique opportunity. Please take a look for the luxury interior design such as the Contemporary Living Room, Modern Bedroom, stylist Lounge, minimalist private bar, Wine Cellar/Grotto, In-Home Fitness Center, Romantic dining room, profesional chef’s kitchen, white style bathroom and also the built-in fireplaces design.
Canada Luxury Aquarius Townhouse Living Room Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius Townhouse Living Room Design-Interior Design in North Vancouver-British Columbia
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Bedroom Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Bedroom Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Lounge Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Lounge Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Mini Bar Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Mini Bar Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Wine Celar Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Wine Celar Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House In-Home Fitness Center Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House In-Home Fitness Center Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Dining Room Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Dining Room Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Kitchen Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Kitchen Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Bathroom Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Bathroom Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Fireplaces Design
Canada Luxury Aquarius House Fireplaces Design

Best Picture Luxury Dream House Interior Design Ideas in Guangzhou, China by Thomas Chan

We recommended this best picture luxury dream house interior design ideas that located in Guangzhou, China for best sample remodeling your luxury house design. Designed by Thomas Chan, this house looks elegant with contemporary interior design ideas. You can see at this picture, a lot of best hidden LED lighting make the interior’s atmosphere in evening or at night is very dramatic. Black and white elegant sofa make this house stylish and elegant design. Various wall color texture combined with elegant wooden floor is very amazing. Wooden wall texture and contemporary pattern for carpet tiles and wooden wall decorating is beautiful combination for dream house design ideas. Minimalit furniture with unique designs found in this luxury contemporary design ideas. You will see the best gallery picture the dream house in Guangzhou, China that designed by Thomas Chan at this post.

China luxury and contemporary interior design ideas
China luxury bedroom interior design ideas

Chinas contemporary interior wall texture with elegant lighting

elegant home decorating in guangzhou china

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Luxury House with Contemporary Interior Design in Beverly Hills

Here is luxury house with contemporary interior design. It’s interior and exterior is a good example of contemporary design with a little inspiration from Asia. Even though a lot of materials like bamboo flooring inside the house have a dark color, the house doesn’t look moody at all. It’s filled with a lot of natural and artificial light and has an amazing koi pond at the heart of the house. Besides that carefully putted plants in many rooms also adds the space a feeling of comfort. Outside, a manicured and extensive grass-lawn is accompanied by a huge 65ft swimmers pool and grand sandbox for the kids. This house is not only big by itself but it also is situated on an 30,000 square foot lot. The location is just a few minutes form Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood, and Sherman Oaks.
Luxury House with Contemporary Interior Design 2

Luxury House with Contemporary Interior Design 4
Luxury House with Contemporary Interior Design 5
Luxury House with Contemporary Interior Design 6
Luxury House with Contemporary Interior Design 7

Ultra Luxury Custom Homes, Villas and Estates by design

Architectural Interior Design 

The interior design of your home should reflect the character of the 'exterior design'.  A French, English or Italian style home should have the period style moldings and other decorative design details inside to complement the facade treatment.  Proportions of interior arches, ceiling treatments, stairways, paneling, etc. should be as carefully designed as like aspects of the exterior.  Architecture is important, whether interior or exterior and should maintain a stylistic integrity.
NEW: Schematic STUDY FLOOR PLANS available at $2500 under 6,000 SF and $5,000 up to 12,000 SF, credited to any Plan Purchase!  inquire here.

Elliptical Dining room in French Chateau classical interior design (above left).  English Tudor Jacobean fireplace, center above, French paneled Library below.
All images above from new Ravelais design: paneled Kitchen, vaulted Bar/Wine cella, Breakfast area, Foyer, Library