Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Minimalist Design House with Black Parallel concrete walls

Wilson House, is a Minimalist Design House with Black Parallel concrete walls, designed by Denton Corker Marshall. Yarra Valley is located in north-east Melbourne.Two thin rectangular sheet - roof and floor - lying on a sloping hill above the vineyards that stretch on the main road. Land of black metal plates supported by a series of parallel concrete walls perpendicular black pigmented. One end is based on a hill, the other cantilevers 11 feet beyond the retaining wall. plaque hangs above the roof, separated by full height windows to the front and end, and returned with two screws that attach to the length of the green between the plates. Each dish is 50 meters long and 11m wide. their uniqueness and clarity of the collar is strengthened by -2 m depth on the front and rear and 5 feet on the overhang projection - exterior wall. Cover plates supported by steel columns inside.

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MomaDesign - water & fire


An Idea Worth Stealing

A few weeks ago I found the perfect bouquet at the thrift store for $1. What makes it so perfect?
It's simple yet stunning.
Simple because it's made using a half round piece of styrofoam with the heads of faux flowers glued abundantly on top. It's stunning because it can be plopped atop almost anything and
it looks gorgeous.
A silver ice bucket.A white pedestal vase.An old copper pot.On top of moss rocks inside a huge hurricane.
And it's easy to store away when the season, or your mood, changes. It's definitely an idea worth stealing (or buying at the thrift store for $1).